Oct. 5, 2001  Surprisingly, President Bush recently proposed something very similar to the first paragraph of the following, about two weeks after the idea first appeared on the Internet.  Maybe the public still has a bit of clout with this administration, after all.  Now, if he'll just implement step 2 ...

A Unique Idea for Eliminating the Taliban

  1. Bomb Afghanistan with butter, rice, bread, clothing and medicine.  It would cost less than conventional arms, reduce U.S. casualties and just might get the populace thinking that maybe the Taliban don't have the answers.  After three years of drought and with starvation looming for them, let's offer the Afghani people the vision of a new future -- one that includes full stomachs.

  2. Bomb them with information -- video players and cassettes of world leaders, particularly Islamic leaders, condemning terrorism.  Carpet the country with magazines and newspapers showing the horror of terrorism committed by their "guest".  Blitz them with flyers filled with a perspective denied them by their government.  Send so much that the Taliban can't collect and hide it all.  Information is a more powerful weapon for us than explosives could ever be.

The Taliban are telling their people to prepare for Jihad.  First, let's give the Afghani people their first good meal in years.  Seeing your family fully fed, with the prospect of stability in terms of food and a future, is a powerful deterrent to martyrdom.  It might make you think about joining the majority of the Afghani population that would like to see the Taliban overthrown.

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