Interpreting the Love Quiz Answers

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  1. If you chose the short path to reach your love's house, you fall in love quickly, easily, and probably very often.  If you chose the long path, it takes you a while to trust someone and fall in love.

  2. The number of roses you choose of each color determines how much of yourself you give in a relationship and how much you expect from the other person.  The number of white is how much of yourself you give; the number of red is how much you expect from your partner.  For example, if you chose all white, you give yourself fully and unconditionally in a relationship.  If you chose half and half, your relationships are equally balanced.  Or, if you chose a few more red than white, you tend to take a bit more than you give in a relationship.

  3. If you asked the maid to go get your love for you, you tend to avoid confrontation and ignore problems in your relationship for as long as possible.  If you went to get your loved one yourself you always bring up problems with your partner and want them resolved quickly.  You don't mind fighting once in a while.

  4. If you left the roses on the bed, you're very attached and you want to see your love all the time.  If you left the roses on the windowsill, you don't mind just seeing your love once in a while.

  5. If your love is awake you want for them to change.  If you chose sleeping, you love them just the way they are.

  6. If you chose the short path home, you tend to fall out of love easily.  You are fickle and have a tendency to bounce around from relationship to relationship.  It is easy for you to get over someone.  If you chose the long path home, you stay in love for a long time.  When you fall, you fall hard.

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